Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Glass Reinforced Gypsum

Glass Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is a robust but lightweight interior cladding material specified by architects and interior designers where shape and form is required. GRG is often used within shopping malls, offices, hotels, airports and a variety of commercial environments for a number of applications including column casings, fascias, coves, light troughs, pilasters, domes and other architectural features.

Our CAD designers work closely with the project team to develop the architect’s concepts into full working drawings. Plan layouts, sections and elevation drawings detailing panel sizes plus suspension and support systems are submitted for approval. We produce plaster or timber models to suit the required product profile.
Plaster, silicone rubber or GRP moulds are then taken from the model, depending on shape and the quantity of GRG casts to be produced. Using hand lamination our skilled craftsmen combine fine quality plaster and two layers of glass fibre reinforcement to produce finished panels from the moulds.  We ensure that every project is approached individually to maintain the best possible production techniques to achieve quality results.

Our models and moulds are continually checked for accuracy and the GRG casts are constantly monitored to ensure that shape, profile and dimensions are maintained as part of our strict ongoing quality assurance procedures.


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