Our Range of Polished Plaster Finishes

finish6Marmorino/Marmorino Fine

Marmorino/Marmorino Fine: Highly polished completely smooth surface giving the appearance of Marble with soft shades of colour


Grassello: Smooth & highly polished with a semi-transparent surface providing tonal variations & movement



Texturro: A pitted textured finish not unlike honed stone with a low sheen

Texture travertine cropped

Travertino: Having the directional texture & appearance of natural travertine


Striato: A directional rugged textured finish not dissimilar to weathered stone with a medium sheen

Special Finishesfinish8

Special Finishes

Special Finishes: Some examples of bespoke finishes & effects created to meet individual client requirements


All of the above finishes are available in a vast array of colours